Message from the Chairman

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Open China is becoming the world's factory, thanks to the development of global economic integration, China is attracting tens of thousands of high-quality industrial elite
Extraction, precision molds and accessories is the community's assiduous.
     Sheng from the company focus on the environment, big market, professional, focused on precision molds accessories manufacturing, with its stable professional and technical team, advanced processing
Equipment, high-quality service system, excellent business philosophy and quality products so that companies in the highly competitive domestic and foreign markets to win the industry's leading position. by
Its own practice, and gradually formed a modern international Transtech Services technology enterprises operating mechanism and business model, Sheng from the company adhering to the "excellent quality, fast delivery
, Thoughtful service, competitive prices, "in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system requirements and dedication to provide customers the best quality products.
Customer needs, customers would like to think ", and strive to a professional level and sound practical style of work for the new and old customers to Zhen Zhi to the United States and the service.
    "The future, advancing with the times" Shengqi always a professional vision to locate customer needs, in good faith, pragmatic quality, professionalism, innovative style
And your strategic alliance, go hand in hand, determined to become the mold parts industry's best suppliers.