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 Sheng mold fittings Co. Ltd. is a professional production: hot runner, thimble, division tube, insert, guide pin, guide sleeve, punch, spring, fixture, auto parts and other parts of various types of non-standard mold parts.
Sheng precision mould parts Co., Ltd is a company specializing in manufacturing precision mold parts, mold parts processing precision to provide a full range of customer solutions for the enterprise.
Main products: hot runner, cosmetics, pens, spray mold mold mold, die casting mold mold, medical, auto parts and other mold parts.
Sheng company from the beginning of entrepreneurship, has specialized in manufacturing precision mold parts, core insert, hot runner, mechanical parts, fixture, cutter and other non-standard accessories. At the same time, relying on Shengqi Seiko (Hongkong) International Limited, deep market background, the foreign advanced technology and China market fully integrated, providing the Japanese MISUMI/O standard, DME/O standard, CUMSA/O standard and HASCO/O standard of Germany Spain, Germany FIBRO standards in Europe and America, international standard mould parts (excluding the Patent Merchandise) Chinese manufacturing, sales and technical support.
Sheng company's products are widely used in plastic mold parts, precision metal stamping die parts, die casting parts, precision tooling and precision automation of mechanical parts etc..
In order to "revitalize national industry, strong national economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is China Sheng company mission. In order to adapt to changes in the market, the integration of industry resources, adjust the enterprise development strategy, the development of the online electricity supplier - the line of a number of 4S chain integrated intelligent service platform, the innovative business model. Through the creation of O2O experiential sales and service model, the strategic development of the strategic partnership. With the integration of industry resources as an opportunity to create a one-stop service platform for the global procurement of mould MRO, change the current mold manufacturing industry supply chain, establish the mold industry solutions provider's leadership and brand influence. At present, our Hubei standard mold manufacturing base and the online shopping mall and Dongguan mold standard 4S shop has now entered the construction period, will be put into operation.