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Sheng precision mould parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, the beginning of entrepreneurship has focused on manufacturing precision mold parts, mold parts processing precision to provide full range of solutions for customers. More than 10 years has always been to create customer value as the goal, a way of exploration and innovation, through the accumulation of technology, industry ecosystem establishment and carrying out the three stages of development of the information system, in 2013 entered the fourth stage of development, to create a one-stop service platform for global procurement die MRO.
Sheng Qi company is committed to manufacturing services, providing a full range of precision mould fittings solutions for customers. The use of the international leading metal processing equipment and professional technology, for customers to create high-quality mold parts, the production of quality products, sharing quality life. At the same time to "revitalize national industry, strong national economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry Chinese mission, integration of industry resources, restructuring of enterprise development strategy, formulated the" online - offline 4S franchise integrated intelligent service platform "business model innovation, by creating O2O experiential marketing and service mode, cooperative strategic partnership of common development strategy. With the integration of industry resources as an opportunity to create a one-stop service platform for the global procurement of mould MRO, change the current mold manufacturing industry supply chain, establish the mold industry solutions provider's leadership and brand influence.
Enterprise core values: dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation, sharing.
Be dedicated:
Is a dedication to the cause of the spirit of the occupation as a career to pursue.
Is a kind of professional spirit. Continue to challenge difficulties, challenge themselves, and constantly improve, improve, and strive to do the best;
It is a spirit of courage to take responsibility, dare to take risks for the enterprise, take the initiative to look for opportunities, explore new growth points.
Emphasis on loyalty to the enterprise and work responsibilities, duties, personal credit;
Honesty is the foundation for the enterprises and individual employees, is the enterprise to establish a good communication atmosphere and the premise of mutual trust;
Emphasize the enterprise and the customer, the staff and the enterprise, between the superior and the subordinate's pledge to honor, says to achieve.
Is a kind of cooperative spirit of a good professional realm, a mutual open mind interaction concept, a communication barrier ecological atmosphere;
Responsible for their own work, responsible for the work of the team, focusing on cooperation with other departments, the local part of the overall concept of compliance;
Focus on building a harmonious and healthy working environment and interpersonal relationships.
Management style: fine, strict, active, efficient
Fine: excellence, discerning;
Strict self-discipline, strict work in strict procedures, strict punishments;
Take the initiative to accept the task, identify problems, take responsibility, improve and improve;
Efficiency: clear work plan, zero wait work style.