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Shengqi mould
Product research and development, is still attached to the most important part of a link, we have always been advocating R & D + service marketing concept. In fact, the broad research and development also includes the integration of products, the design of space more precise and practical. As an innovative science and technology enterprises, with a vibrant, high-quality, younger, professional R & D team, to provide a steady stream of vitality and power to flourish

Technical staff of the company accounted for 75% of the total number of. In addition to the perennial outside of the company's expert consultants, but also brought together the information management technology elite, with a wealth of industry experience
Because the mold parts is a semi-finished products, want to make the development of new products to occupy a place in the hearts of the market, the key is to do the most sophisticated products, to provide consumers with product integration program. If an enterprise does not pay attention to re product development, then it can only have been walking in the back of others. But when the company developed its own new products, but may have to face a major problem, that is, you have to put a lot of, but the rights and interests are not protected. There are now the existence of the phenomenon of the use of a closed exhibition hall, but I think this way, can only be delayed imitation, can not really solve the problem. The real can avoid being imitated, the enterprise through their own accumulation, and gradually establish a unique deep production technology system; search for unique design can also make others can not copy. In order to truly lead the market.