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How to control the precision machining of mold

The mold is made up of many mold parts

The mold is made up of a number of mold parts, the mold in addition to its own, but also need mold base, mold, guide and parts out of the device, these components are generally made of general type. Mold enterprises need to do big and fine, according to market demand, and technology, capital, equipment and other conditions to determine product positioning and market positioning, these practices are particularly worthy of small mold enterprises to learn and learn from, and gradually focus on the formation of their own technological advantages and products Advantage. Non-standard mold parts directly affect the quality of the mold, rather than the quality of the mold parts from finishing to complete, so control non-standard mold parts finishing is very important.

Non-standard mold parts should be how to control when finishing

    1, the general mold parts manufacturing enterprises, finishing are generally used grinding, electrical processing and fitter;

    2, mold finishing control:

    A: mold non-standard parts processing, for different materials with the technical requirements of the adaptive processing, it has a certain plasticity, through the processing of control, to achieve good processing results;

    B: According to the appearance of different parts of the shape, the parts can be divided into three categories: shaft, plate and shaped parts, the common process is roughly: rough processing heat treatment (quenching, quenching and tempering) Processing) group processing.

    3, parts of the grinding process

    There are three main types of machine tools for grinding: surface grinder, internal and external grinder and tool abrasive. Finishing grinding to strictly control the grinding deformation and grinding cracks, even a very small crack, in the subsequent processing will be used to reveal. Therefore, the grinding of the feed to be small, can not be large, coolant to full, size tolerance within 0.01mm parts to try to constant temperature grinding.

    4, parts heat treatment:

    Parts of the heat treatment process, in the mold parts to obtain the required hardness at the same time, the need to control the internal stress to ensure the stability of the size of parts processing, different materials have different treatment.