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5 main points of improving mould quality precision

How can a high efficiency in a short time, low consumption and produce high quality products, it is a problem that many mold manufacturers want to ask it, requirements for China's mold industry's current economic situation is also more and more high, the development of quality can only be reasonable to improve mold products so that our production the industry better, how can we improve the quality of the die?

1, the design of the parts should be reasonable

As far as possible the best choice of structural design, the designer of the workpiece to take into account the technical requirements of the parts and their structure, must conform to the mold manufacturing process and feasibility.

2, mold design is to improve the quality of the mold is the most important step

The selection of die materials, in addition to the quality of products to meet customer requirements, we also need to consider the cost of the material and the set period of strength, of course, according to the type of mold, working mode, processing speed, the main failure form and other factors to material.

The mold structure design, compact structure, convenient operation as far as possible, but also to ensure the mold parts have sufficient strength and rigidity; the structure of the mold is permitted, the surface of the angle mould parts should be designed into the fillet to avoid stress concentration;

Third, must reduce the scope in the maintenance of a spare parts required disassembly in the design, especially the replacement of wearing parts, as far as possible to reduce the scope of disassembly.

3, the mold manufacturing process is to ensure that the quality of the mold is an important part

The processing method and the machining accuracy in the die manufacturing process will affect the service life of the die. The components directly affect the accuracy of the whole assembly mould, eliminating the effect the precision of equipment, is required by the processing method for improving parts, improve the level of coordination in the process of grinding technology fitter in the mold, to improve the machining precision of mould parts;

4, the main forming parts of the mold surface hardening

Improve the surface wear resistance of mold parts, so as to improve the quality of mold. For surface strengthening, different strengthening methods should be chosen according to different moulds.

5, the correct use of mold and maintenance is to improve the quality of a major factor in the mold

Mould installation and debugging method should be appropriate, in the case of hot runner, the power to correct, cooling water to meet the design requirements, the parameters in the production of injection molding machine, die casting machine, press the need to accord with the design requirements and so on.