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Mold:Craftsman spirit

Mold, as an important member of industrial development, is called "the mother of industry"". Since twenty-first Century, the development of industry tends to the era of electronic information. Aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, medical and other industries are becoming more and more sophisticated. Precision advanced production and processing equipment is the demand and shortage of the enterprise. The mechanical processing can not be separated from the calibration, and the balance of the mold parts is adjusted.

Now the development of automobile die industry is very rapid, automobile production in more than 90% of the parts need to rely on the mold shape, in this premise, the mold to fine, from the design, processing, to strict quality control to guarantee, so each parts precision must be standard, does not allow the slightest error. Calibration of the workpiece balance, in the professional terminology is within the number of silk to achieve this flatness, according to professional, 1 mm is equal to 100 filaments. One percent mm precision, which embodies the craftsman spirit of mold processing.

Sheng uphold the true glory, labor respected craftsmen, artisans have mental growth base to create a "craftsman" team, to work on the product design, work dedication, excellence in business, formed the common values. The ultimate goal of Sheng, service in the manufacturing industry to provide a full range of precision molds accessories solutions for customers, is the company built whole solution providers and service oriented manufacturing enterprises, to differences in management to meet the market demand, to help users, lowering the efficiency of lean production.