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Processing safety of mould parts

How to safely process precision mold parts?

All kinds of fittings on the precision die parts should have enough strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation in the process of use. Fastening parts shall be provided with anti loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator.

In structure, it is necessary to ensure the convenience of feeding, fixing materials, discharging parts and cleaning waste materials. For other parts of processing small accessories to forbid the operator's finger, wrist or body into the die area for operation; processing of large parts, if the operator must hand in the mould operation, to minimize the range into the mold, a part of the body as far as possible to shorten the time stay in the mold, and should be clear die processing hazardous area, equipped with protective measures and necessary equipment.

Waste or artifact missiles are not allowed to interfere with the operator's attention or even hurt the operator. Also, avoid burrs, cuts, and cuts. The operator is not allowed to perform excessive stamping during stamping operations to avoid any loss of stability of the body; excessive and excessive movements are not allowed during the operation. Should be avoided when stamping processing with strong noise and vibration. Mold parts should be marked on the general layout of the weight of the mold, easy to install, ensure safety. 20 kg or more parts processing should be lifting and handling measures to reduce labor intensity. When the die is assembled and disassembled, the parts should be convenient and safe, and the possibility of clamping and cutting the hand can be avoided. The die is easy to be disassembled and stored.

In short, even minor problems in the mold will affect the safety, and only when the specific problems in each operation are analyzed, can the safety precautions in the die processing be put forward.