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Brief introduction to the practical skills of network marketing

Network marketing is the Internet for the media, in new ways, methods and ideas, through a series of charm of network marketing planning, development and implementation of marketing activities, the more effective the new marketing mode to realize the trading activities of individuals and organizations. It is an integral part of the enterprise's overall marketing strategy, is to achieve the overall or part of the business objectives of the enterprise, the Internet as the basic means to create a variety of activities on the Internet operating environment.
The concept of network marketing includes: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, Internet marketing, word of mouth marketing, video marketing, network event marketing, social media marketing, micro-blog marketing,
Blog marketing and so on. These words are said to be the same meaning, generally speaking, network marketing is the Internet as the main means to carry out marketing activities.
Analysis of some basic characteristics of network marketing
Fairness: in the network marketing, all enterprises are standing on the same starting line. Fairness means only to different companies, different individuals to provide equal opportunities for competition, does not mean that the equality of wealth distribution.
Because of the change of the traditional concept of space, the virtual space or virtual society is different from the actual geographic space.
Symmetry: in the network marketing, the interconnection of information asymmetry greatly reduced. Consumers can search any information they want from the Internet, and get timely guidance from experts.
Ambiguity: the boundaries of many people become blurred by interconnection. Among them, the most significant is the blurring of the boundaries of the enterprise, the blurring of producers and consumers, the fuzzy of products and services.
Complexity: due to the ambiguity of network marketing, so that economic activity has become difficult to distinguish whirling.
Monopoly: network marketing monopoly is formed by creative destruction of monopoly, is short-lived, because the continuous emergence of new technology, will make the new monopolies constantly replace the old monopolies.
Multiplicity: in network marketing, a transaction often involves multiple trading relationships.
Fast: because of the Internet, so that economic activity has a rapid operation characteristics, you can quickly search for any information you need to make an immediate response to the market. Positive and negative feedback: in the network marketing, due to the rapidity of information transmission, people have a frequent, rapid and violent interaction, thus forming a positive feedback mechanism.
Global: because of the Internet, beyond the limits of national boundaries and regions, so that the world's economic activities are closely linked. The rapid flow of information, money, goods and services has greatly promoted the process of world economic integration.
What are the key points in marketing? I will list some:
1, the network marketing should be good at seizing business opportunities; 2, take the initiative to integrate the strategic planning of business opportunities; the 3, grasp the selling point for information distribution planning;
4, the collection of information for the development of commercial value; 5, to establish their own online survey system; 6, online market research data analysis; 7, good at evading the risk of network marketing;
There are some skills in marketing:
Tip 1: increase your potential customer database
Many people visit the site directly to buy fewer people, the vast majority of the site is to let these people quietly, quietly gone, wasted a lot of potential customers. So black suggest that you must use a skill, make the most of your users landing sites are most willing to first left contact. So long as you continue to carry out the potential customers willing to accept the database marketing strategy, they will gradually become your customers.
Tip two: use customer evaluation to influence the decision of potential customers
The vast majority of people have a herd mentality, so when buying a product, other people who have purchased the comments on the product will have a great impact on the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Therefore, each product should be reasonable to put on more than six or seven from the customer from all angles of this product a good evaluation.
Tip three: Tips for improving customer repeat purchases
1, the coupon strategy: a customer order after the success, be sure to give the customer a coupon, then in a certain period of time, when buying products, coupons can be used as a certain amount, but expired. So the customer will find a way to spend the coupon or give it to a friend in need.
2, database marketing: regular push to the customer to the customer valuable information, and reasonable with product promotion advertising. Because most of the domestic e-commerce sites will be stiff to push advertising to customers, so the effect is very poor. You have to send the user like information to customers. Reasonable integration of advertising, what information customers like it?
These recommendations are almost all Internet users can immediately after the implementation of an effective method, we can immediately experience to rely on network marketing, as well as the user experience is always possible to create a miracle.
In the network marketing marketing people need to learn how to use the "creative fire" stewing an inviting xianger ", and the brand information as" hook "clever wrapped in them, so that we can sit back.