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New job search: selected or alternative?

\Digital youths have more choices in their job search and adaptation: their access to information, their logic, and their behavioral patterns are deeply imprinted on the Internet. Digital youth are no longer as their predecessors do, take the initiative to focus on the value of how to adapt to the existing corporate culture and values, but will focus on the value of the "self-realization."
The world is ushering in the digital youth into the peak of the workplace. What kind of jobs do young people prefer, and what are their plans for their future careers, especially the long-term lives of college graduates in ivory towers, and how do they change from school to workplace? This growth in the Internet environment for the workplace of the new generation, will show a completely different characteristics and non-Internet age.
The integration and development of ICTs provide more choices when young people judge whether a job is suitable for them, but also adds new requirements to the way young people are recruited, the way they apply, the work skills, and so on.
As for the enterprise, when the ICT technology in the enterprise has been gradually deepened to include all aspects of recruitment, how to deal with this change, to recruit qualified personnel for the enterprise, and retain them, then become employers of concern.
Select "self-identity work"
In China, post-90s have become the mainstay of the unemployed, and in the United States, similar groups are the digital youth known as the Y Generation (born from 1980 to 1995).
If the "nonsensical" culture has deeply affected China's "80", then the "moment on-line" is the digital youth are the most common, in the "all connected" trends and networking environment of this generation of growth, Is worthy of the name of the digital youth.
Trying to define a digital youth with a single label is not easy. In fact, the "denial of labeling" is precisely the digital youth of the most common: they do not want to be represented or defined. The young people are trying to determine "I'm Me, I'm The One" by their behavior rather than their language.
And traditional entrepreneurs to corporate achievements attributed to the "engine culture" point of view different, "90 after" the number of young people, more recognition "U disk survival." Traditional entrepreneurs believe that "top management is a big engine, and the subsidiary's leadership, functional leadership is synchronized small engine", which gives enterprises more success may be; and digital youth are more emphasis Self-value, "with information, not installed system, at any time plug, free collaboration", they believe that the market is dependent on numerous nodes and personal contact, and ultimately the formation of individual body pricing mechanism.
The advancement of ICT technology has not only given young people more choice in finding work and adapting to work, but also their access to information, their logic, and their behavioral patterns, Branded ", which makes them showing a distinct difference from the" non-network age to grow up "group characteristics. More importantly, the number of young people are no longer like their predecessors is so, take the initiative to focus on the value of how to adapt to the existing corporate culture and values, but will focus on the "self-realization" .
In accepting the survey, more and more young people, more emphasis on the Internet era, a broader choice may, and this premise, select the "self-identity of the work."
"Self-identity" has become one of the most important considerations for young people to enter the workplace. For example, from the Renmin University of China School of Journalism Wang Ting, in the survey of this publication has a clear representation. "70 after the dare to think, after 80 say, 90 not only dare to dare to do." Wang Ting believes that this is where their age advantage.
In her view, the development of the Internet so that she can get all the information they are interested in, but also let her have a variety of opportunities to contact the various aspects of society. She admitted that almost all their experience, are inseparable from the network to help.
"Inseparable from the network", which is almost all digital youth has been recognized only common. Research data show that the national large and medium cities, more than 70% of the digital youth in primary or junior high school began to contact the Internet, and now, more than 60% of college students every day contact with the network.
In the past three years, the number of university graduates in China alone is as high as 21.06 million. When such a large group, carries the ideal, and "choose a self-identity is more important" rather than social needs more important thinking, into the workplace, the old recruitment and application systems and values, there have been huge The change.
Is the process more important than the result?
Embodying individual ability and value, has become the number one ideal for young people to adhere to the first choice and work standards.
Third-party institutions released "2014 college graduates employment situation report" shows that 2014 college graduates in the eyes of the ideal work, came in first for their own, personal ability to be able to play the work, followed by the individual Ability to be improved, the third is to provide the welfare of the work.
The result of this thinking is that digital youth are more concerned with how new technologies and applications are connected to ICT, most notably as a reflection of personal values, rather than salary or business needs. Even when it comes to digital work, young people are more focused on "value in the process" than on the results.
Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology Liu Zixin, after graduation to become a Beijing company's software engineers. Despite the professional counterparts, wages are not low, but he still work a year and a half after the resignation. In Liu Zixin's view, "every day almost the same low-level repetitive work, can not reflect their own value."
Liu Zixin through the Internet to get to know a few "like-minded" who, and eventually start with the development of mobile applications App. His core expression of the magazine means, "and small partners with the collision thought it feels great, very blood, that is doing a very meaningful thing." As for the success and failure, Liu Zi Xin but firmly believe that success and failure are accidental, and let the process seem more meaningful, is the most important.
Attention to the process far greater than the results of the point of view, by the enterprise human resources executives are strongly opposed. In their view, if not responsible for the results to consider, and then happy process, the failure may also bring the results. And this is precisely what companies should try to avoid. But on the other hand, recruiters also said that the face of young people, especially the Internet deeply affected young people, should be more tolerance, give them more growth and maturity of the time.
"90 after the personal value tendencies are very obvious." Zhaopin CEO Guo Sheng said that a lot of 90 do not want to do only after the "screw", but also hope that personal values ​​to be played and recognized. For the pursuit of value, they can always change a job.
For the electricity business industry, the state power network editor-in-chief Jia Peng Lei that for enterprises, command-style management and management system, these seemingly "strange" in front of the digital youth, and can not play a positive role, but also very Easy to produce negative effects. The best management, in addition to "strict law", but also in-depth understanding of them, "hearts and minds" on.
Businesses are eager to choose "responsible" digital youth, but the reality is that many employers of young people entering the workplace has been critical of the number of that "impatient, and the lack of responsibility."
Digital youth argue that this is because corporate human resources executives "misunderstood us." For example, in Wang Ting view, digital youth frequent job-hopping, it is clear that they are actually willing to take responsibility, more courageous, simply, not too much pursuit of practical interests.
As recruiters, employers and business owners are still trying to confront and understand the "distinctive personality" in a more tolerant perspective and mentality, despite the fact that employers can not agree with the view that "the process is more important, the failure of success is by chance" Of the digital youth group.
"Do not always think of the digital youth brainwash." An electric business enterprise human resources person in charge that, especially for large enterprises, blindly want to transform the digital youth into their own business style, it is easy to lead them to quit, that The use of high salaries reluctantly retains people, and they lose their most valuable diversity and abundance of creativity.
The reality is that the more outstanding the number of young talent, the more difficult to stay, good management, which has become the vast majority of employers the most headaches.
Recruitment will become a long-term study
Although the digital youth as a whole, and business description of the demand, does not seem to be at the same level. But any time, the law of talent is always traceable.
A power company's human resources executives believe that the current digital youth management is a difficult reason is that many companies are still trying to use traditional thinking, management of the Internet and open-minded young digital employees, which led to business people thinking and reality of talent status , Mutual disjunction.
For corporate recruiters, the best way to shorten or even bridge this gap is to use more inclusive ICTs to broaden the horizons of young talent to match business needs. With the development of ICT, especially the rise of social networks, traditional recruitment websites, which have occupied the main position of recruiting market in the past ten years, begin to face new challenges. At the same time, on the Internet, the new recruitment channel open, but also for enterprises to provide more recruitment to meet the needs of talent possible.
"Recruitment channel has been diversified, at least has entered the transition period." This phenomenon, as most of the corporate recruitment executives interviewed in this interview, one of the key points mentioned.
The earliest job search and recruitment, relies on on-site job fairs, as well as newspaper job and recruitment section; the rise of the Internet, making the channel to the professional recruitment site transfer. Nowadays, social networks are becoming one of the most direct and important channels for people to get information, as social networks gradually penetrate into people's life and work.
Currently in China, Sina microblogging registered more than 536 million users, while the number of micro-registered users is more than 600 million. Microblogging and WeChat, as people get information one of the main means, which also contains a lot of job search and recruitment.
The same features are also reflected in the United States, the United States Pew Research Center (Pew Research Center) in the second half of 2013 research results show that about 30% of US adults through the social network to get the main information, And then rely on the traditional information media.
"Through the WeChat public number forwarding, than the traditional traditional recruitment website, more easy to recruit outstanding young people, and lower cost." The human resources director of the enterprise interview, said the interview. He also believes that this is also the next step for the enterprise talent pool and other human resources work, saving a lot of costs and improve efficiency. In his view, social networks and social media that are more likely to build trust are making young people more cautious in their choice of job candidates. "Social networking makes hiring closer to 'acquaintances'." Will consider why I choose to apply for the job, and what advantages I have to make me more likely to get the job, and the traditional recruitment site, it is easy to bring a lot of people who take a chance.
These dominant features are behind the mobile Internet, cloud computing, App application of the depth of ICT fusion results. It is the deep integration of ICT technology and application, which provides more information channel and choice for the digital youth seeking work and the enterprises looking for digital youth.
I believe that in the future, with the further integration of ICT, there will be a new talent information channel. Whether it is corporate recruitment, or digital youth candidates, new channels and the emergence of thinking, will bring new challenges, but also to the two sides to add new opportunities and possibilities.
By 2025, there will be 100 billion terminals connected through the network, while in the real world, smart phone users will reach 8 billion. When the world evolved into a truly "ubiquitous network", the global "all connected" to achieve, will allow young people from entering the first day of the network world, has been erected by the enterprise all-round understanding of the channel. Looking for jobs and recruiting, and therefore may change, is no longer a short two-way choice, and thus become a long experience and observation process.
Yang Peifang wrote in the "Internet philosophy of thinking of ten orientation," the article, the famous telecommunications economists made it clear that the core tools are from the systematic development of the network, "through the information network to engage in production services, is The formation of the information age of the new productive forces.
This point of view, in fact, also applies to the profound changes in ICT and integration phase of the recruitment process.