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Do great things to start from the little things

Hello Mom see you day by day progress, mother very happy
Do great things to start from the little things
If you want to achieve a career, you should start from bit by bit.
-- Bill Gate
Bill Gate said: Microsoft can have today's scale, because Microsoft people never let go of their own useful little things.
Fuhai group president Luo Zhongfu's story, give people such a revelation.
By the end of 1968, Luo Zhongfu was a young boy just 17 years old, due to the fate of the arrangement he was assigned to Guizhou extremely remote volcano to go with the workers and peasants combined road. It can be said to be Chinese was one of the poorest regions, pick a load of water to tens of miles to go mountain; sometimes, a month can not eat a bite of food, just eat only vegetables.
Bill Gate said: childhood determined to make a difference.
The young Luo Zhongfu is determined to do their own career from then on, because he was not reconciled to his young life forever buried in the mountains.
One day, a reporter to interview the mountain city youth living things become a Luo Zhongfu change destiny opportunity. He is going to do something, a striking in the mountains more than 400 youth in the event. At that time, with only 10 yuan Luo Zhongfu, bought a bucket of red paint, the reporter in the day of the arrival of Luo Zhongfu, they must go through the road to the cliff with a rope to his fall, in the cliff under wrote five red characters: long live Chairman mao . This brave move is just passing through here and see the newspaper reporters photographed, so Luo Zhongfu gave a name, an advanced typical.
Once, Luo Zhongfu returned to Zunyi to visit his parents, on the way home, he happened to see the city with 9 cents 1 pounds acquisition price of tree seeds, can not help but think of yourself in the mountains around the tree is, why not let farmers collect tree seed, 3 to 1 pounds to his corner, and then sell out. Dream mountain farmer did not think of generations in the valley of the tree rotten seeds can sell, have to get into the mountains. Luo Zhongfu made a big sack, each received a bag full of seeds, using the opportunity to return to Zunyi to sell into the city for a long time, unexpectedly also slowly accumulated a lot of money.
Bill Gate said: small into not complacent, aiming at the next goal will have greater harvest.
After this success, Luo Zhongfu decided to try his luck again. He saw the local farmers do not use fertilizer and fertilizer in the local field, there is no market.
Then, he first from Zunyi city to buy Fertilizer Application in their plots. A few months later, he developed the pumpkin, rice and radish are harvest, not only increasing yield and full of fruit, the villagers around without fertilizer farming envied very much, come to him to fertilizer. Luo Zhongfu take this opportunity to start fertilizer business. This not only helps the people around, but also their own money. To return to the city, he has 1000 yuan deposit, which at the time but a huge sum of money, but also is the unique.
Luo Zhongfu in the rural areas as affected by the era environment and restrictions, he had to wait for the opportunity, at this time, he has the ability to make more, only step by step.
First of all, Luo Zhongfu is waiting for the opportunity to work to mobilize, namely job opportunities. At that time, any educated youth are looking forward to the end of a secure job, on 1972, Luo Zhongfu was finally enrolled in Zunyi a state -owned factory as an apprentice. Because he is a diligent, good at studying, he soon became the leader of the young workers, is absorbed into the plant's technical team, assist senior engineers to engage with many technical projects. Although Luo Zhongfu did a good job, but the factory obviously can not tie him, he has a quality: business quality. Luo Zhongfu's habit, he very alert and observant and alert always concerned with the broader world. To this end, he ordered a number of newspapers, every day to delve into the country's economic policies and social development trends. Luo Zhongfu felt that he could no longer work in the factory, although he was about to be promoted to the workshop director. "My ideal is business," he hesitate to make such a decision. Every day he put the newspaper carefully read, from the country's political and economic dynamic analysis, keen to seize opportunities, success is from Luo Zhongfu in which he seize the opportunity. Later, he started production, sale of sofa trading, accumulated his initial capital. From a small beginning of Luo Zhongfu, finally in the years of accumulation and work done their own affairs, have their own kingdom, Fuhai group. A bit of wisdom, not to have thousands of miles. Success only belongs to those dedicated people who start from every little bit.
Success starts from the little things
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