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The voice of working

All over the rape flower exudes a faint fragrance, winter to time rush, the passage of time. Inadvertently 2014 already, the mountains outside the city ushered in the spring to March 2015, suddenly look back, we harvest? What did you do? Got what?
Life gives us countless life choices 2015 intersection, we go on the road, far saw Cheng Huang of Bacillus subtilis on out of clumps of green shoots in the shy, roadside maple trees grow the small red bud, we still choose the "sheng"! Here we go to work, work, life, joy, imagine our life blueprint. From all corners of the country in our common Sheng, to life and struggle, the struggle for survival, leaving on the night, nothing.
Whenever in the night time, they saw the lights under the shuttle in the Sheng company gate, through their back, to see a glimmer of bitterness, but these feelings buried in our heart, because life, survival, life we must do to compete, to fight, to struggle, to work hard in order to develop more, Sheng, as far as possible to make a power belongs to our own, do a happy yourself!
When entering the door Sheng, means we walked into the job, short and hard day. Step by step through every four seasons, but the years has prompted the development of Sheng is still brilliant. Complex society, in such a fierce competition today, and a few people can successfully achieve their ideals? Every moment in the job how to stick? We enter into the society, Sheng, into the job, although not informed, but also heard a lot, so we chose here, let us learn together, share the joy and happiness in the work! Life is so sour, sweet, bitter, hot after the hardship, and also learned a lot of social experience, so that migrant workers occupation has become a lot of young people required course in the venture on the road, with working life to hone their own, creating, and lay a solid foundation for future life. If you want to succeed to complete their life experience, it is not a simple process, it must follow the laws of society, you have to pay, there will be a corresponding return, so that our work, life, return will give ourselves a satisfactory answer. So I personally feel that:
On the whole, work occupation position, get in return is not as you wish, unfair treatment, do not return, these are the facts, but also can not be changed, no matter what we have to admit that this is a fact that must face this reality, in order to survive in the social work, based on the! Everyone has their own ideals, dreams. But the way in real life every step is more important and difficult life is not terrible, terrible is that we face ideal, dream of mind, so the difficulties of life, can not work as a reason to give up, as long as the daily loss of life does not work in the hope that the integrity of the labor, safe and healthy life, everything is ok! When we return at the same time, to think much less, high low, when the rich poor, when it is bitter music, proud when do not be carried away! Regardless of the nature of our work, post good or bad, treatment level, we must first have a good attitude, calm face of our lives. Life can not be sunny spring, sometimes cold dark days. Such as working in the leadership of the criticism, employees accused of labor disputes, we do not care about these things, but can not be discouraged, believe in others, treat yourself, do not fight, do not make, with a hot attitude, everything will be the past, happiness will come. Like "start over" in the song: "look at the success of the heroic life"! Big deal from scratch, do not experience wind and rain, how can see rainbow. So work to stay for a long time, always feel boring, in fact, each job has its beautiful and interesting place, we have to understand the experience, where life without scenery? As long as the appreciation, understanding, interest among them, naturally have a happy accompany with the joy and spirit of cooperation among employees, he also has a smile, the taste is so simple.
I believe that, as the spring flowers, as long as make their faint fragrance, no matter when and where in our dreams, Chinese dreams will be more and more close, life will become better and better.