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Welcome to the city of Huangshi municipal government to visit our company site r

June 21, Huangshi municipal government and other major leaders of more than 40 people, made a special trip to the Division I study and research, the company based on high-end, precision metal processing expressed affirmation, I generous investment in the Secretary for the bold appreciation.

12 years ago, Sheng Sheng, general manager of Wang Peng and several friends in Dongguan, Guangdong set up their own mold processing plant (Dongguan Sheng from the precision molds Limited), after years of hard work, the comprehensive strength of enterprises among the top 10 local mold industry The A few years ago, in the development zone investment policy guidance, Wang Peng decided to return home, founded the Hubei Sheng from the mold Technology Co., Ltd., as Dongguan Sheng from the mold company's R & D and production base. Municipal leaders for Mr. Wang Peng 'everyone with a small home' home to return home to promote home economics and cultural construction of entrepreneurs to give affirmation. Then the city leaders to conduct a trip to study the business office, production, leisure living environment, to understand the business situation, the difficulties faced by the company's commitment to the largest financial, talent and other government support to encourage enterprises to further develop and grow.